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Dystopian Fantasy

Dystopian Fantasy

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2020 was a year like none other in our lifetimes. In the midst of a global pandemic, Seattle (and the entire west-coast) also experienced one of the worst wildfire seasons to-date. The smoke-filled air made simple things like going for a walk outside something to think twice about. Yet at the same time, there was an eerie beauty to it all that felt like we were living in one of the many dystopian films I had grown up watching and drawing creative inspiration from. The day this image was taken, my girlfriend and I canceled our dinner reservation and instead, put on gas masks as we headed up and onto rooftops - capturing scenes we had only seen in movies prior.


Edition of 5

20"x30" Aluminum gloss finish

Black painted wood, shadowbox frame

Complimentary Seattle area delivery, otherwise shipping charges apply.

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