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It had to have been around 4AM when Natalya and I left Seattle on this frigid February morning. Our destination was one of the more unique shoot locations the state has to offer: Satsop nuclear power plant. In 1983, the construction on this power project was halted at 76% completion due to lack of funding and it already being over-budget. We snuck through the now business park, exploring an unfinished reactor building before hopping a fence and finding ourselves standing in-awe inside the massive structure of a cooling tower. Natalya had brought a red dress to model in and we decided that, despite the freezing temperature and security patrolling nearby - that this was the shot we had come all this way for!


Edition of 5

20"x30" Aluminum gloss finish

Black painted wood, shadowbox frame

Complimentary Seattle area delivery, otherwise shipping charges apply.

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